Search Engine Optimization with SMPSEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the necessary and foundational ways to receive new business through the internet. With Google, Yahoo, and Bing dominating the search engines, it's important that your website appears relevant within their search algorithm.

Without proper knowledge and training on how to navigate this algorithm, your website can end up non existent, under unrelated search phrases keywords, or even obsolete. With constant changes to how search engines find your website relevant, it can be hard to keep up without the help of a professional company.

Through research and experience SMPSEO has stayed ahead of the changes, which has provided many business owners with high page rankings producing increased traffic and business.

Our team starts with a thorough website analysis to gain clarity of your current status among the search engines. Next, by investigating your business typ, locale, and target clients, we draw up am agressive campaign to provide your site with long standing relevance.

With 85 percent of consumers who utilize the internet to find desired services, 70 percent will click on an organic link, and 90 percent of them will not look past the first page. Our goal is to secure top positions among your industry on behalf of your business.